Research Team

Welcome to the Research Team page!

Principal Investigator

Julia Braungart-Rieker  

Julie Braungart Rieker 147x205
(574) 631-0884

Our projects definitely require a team effort! I have had the pleasure of working with a number of faculty colleagues, project staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students on a number of different research projects.

Below are photos and links to research team members.


E. Mark Cummings

Mark Cummings 147x205                       
(574) 631- 0886

John Borkowski

Borkowski John 1 4                         
(574) 631-0885

Lijuan (Peggy) Wang

Peggy Wang 2                         
(574) 631-7243

Lee Gettler

Lee Gettler 2
(574) 631-4479                   



Elizabeth Moore

Eizabeth Moore 2 
(574) 631-6263

Jen Burke Lefever, Ph.D. 

Jen Burke Lefever 147x205                       
(574) 631-8595



South Bend Professional Staff 

Cheryl Lee, Project Coordinator 

Cheryl Lee 09 or   
(574) 631-0950

Gretchen Nichols, Family Coach 

Gretchen Nichols Conductor Photo   
(574) 631-8401

Melissa Denney, Family Coach 

M Denney Conductor Photo   
(574) 631-8153

Geri Sult, Family Coach

Geri Sult Conductor Photo 
(574) 631-8126

Kathy Heyn, Assessment Coordinator

Kathy Heyn Second Take 
(574) 631-0362





Ft. Wayne Professional Staff

Kathleen Bergman Miller, Ph.D., Project Coordinator 

Katie Bergman Miller Ccf Website                         
(574) 631-0956